Fishing Info

We offer fishing as a side activity on our Sea of Cortez trips only, not on our Magdalena Bay whale watching trips. If you want to fish, please come prepared with your own lures. Medium to small, minnow-type, sinking lures are suggested such as a Rebel jointed Fastrac or mid size Rapala Magnums (4.5 to 5 inches or 9-12cm in length). Suggested colors include: blue/silver, black/silver, black/gold, green mackerel/gold or blue mackerel/silver. We supply the rod and reel. Fishing on our kayak trips is done by trolling behind a motorized skiff (two rods at a time) from one to two hours before breakfast on certain mornings or from your kayak.

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Fishing permits are required for anyone 13 or older who plans to fish during our kayak trips. This includes fishing from either our motorized skiff or your kayak.
Look for our summer fishing packages, combining hotel and daily excursions for fly, trolling or spear fishing.
You can now obtain your fishing permit at this website.

Please note:

  • Prices on the first page are in US dollars. When you get to the Bancomer payment page, prices will be in pesos.
  • After your payment goes through, you MUST PRINT the PDF called “Link License”.
  • You will be emailed a payment confirmation. This is not the same as the license.