Kayak Rentals from La Paz

***Please NOTE new regulations from the Mexican government just announced starting December 20th, 2018. EVERYONE going to Espiritu Santo Island will need a local guide. We are no longer able to provide unguided self-supported trips. However you will still be able to rent equipment from us and do your own trip but you will now need to hire a local guide to accompany you. This came about due to abuse of the island and the regulations by visitors. Please contact our La Paz office for guide pricing.

If you’re interested in planning and organizing your own kayak expedition to Baja, we can outfit you with the equipment and provide shuttles and information for planning your trip. We have single and double kayaks with associated equipment available for rent as well as snorkeling and some camping equipment. We also offer speedy shuttles by boat to outlying islands or by truck to distant beaches for you and your gear.

The rental of our kayaks without guidance is a special service we offer to experienced kayakers only. We trust that if you are renting kayaks from us you are experienced in wilderness skills and the sport of sea kayaking and assume all responsibility for your actions as well as the equipment.

Please read ALL this information before confirming your reservation with a credit card.

The most popular destination for kayaking out of La Paz is the spectacular national marine and island park of Espiritu Santo. While we also provide services for self-guided paddlers to San Jose Island and the Baja Coast from Loreto to La Paz these areas are more logistically difficult to access and should be attempted by very experienced kayakers only. Meanwhile Espiritu Santo Island is easily accessed from La Paz and presents an ideal location for paddling with its beautiful white, sand beaches and protected bays as well as wonderful snorkeling.

We provide motorized boat shuttles to Espiritu Santo Island, located 18 miles north of La Paz (shuttles take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the weather) and prices are listed here. Paddling to the island is possible but requires a four-mile open water crossing from Tecolote beach to the island. This section of water is prone to 5-15 foot swells when the wind blows.

camping guideline booklet for the island of Espiritu Santo is available via email from our La Paz office. Once you make your reservation with them it will be sent to you for your reading information.

There is no fresh potable water on the island and fires are not permitted. There are two “fresh” water wells on the island but they are somewhat saline and would likely damage filters and therefore should be used for showering only. Plan to bring 1 gallon per person per day of fresh water and a stove for cooking. Purified drinking water can be purchased from our office in La Paz ($3 for 5 gallons when you provide your own container) or you can buy one-gallon containers from the grocery store that fit well in the kayaks.

There is no shade (to speak of) on the island. This is a must for most people so plan to bring some sort of shelter other than your tent for shade. It should be sturdy in the wind and allow for the breezes to pass through it so as not to get too hot (like the inside of a tent). Such shelters like the Kelty sunshade or shade maker work well.

We do not rent cook stoves. You should bring your own that burns white gas or uses regular Coleman propane bottles as these fuels are available for purchase in La Paz. Stoves are allowed in your checked luggage, but not in your carry on luggage. No fuel is allowed on board the plane. White gas or Coleman propane bottles can be purchased in La Paz usually at a store located only about 5 blocks from our office.

Espiritu Santo Island is a protected conservation area and therefore regulations require you to remove all human waste from the Island and dump it in a proper facility in La Paz. You are required to bring your own container or you can rent one from us. A porta potty for 20 uses is $40 and a 50-use size is $60 for any length of time and includes the dumping service.

Groceries can be purchased in La Paz from one of the many well stocked grocery stores offering a variety of foods both local and from the US. For information on where we are located as well as the location of Chedraui, one of the largest grocery stores in La Paz, go to the maps page and print out the La Paz city map. We also have maps of Espiritu Santo Island and Southern Baja that you can print from out web site. 

IMPORTANT ! Fishing Permit Information

For inexpensive, friendly and clean accommodations in La Paz we recommend our quaint hotel above Mar Y AventurasPosada LunaSol.

October through mid November and mid March through mid May usually provide excellent kayaking conditions in the Sea of Cortez with calm, warm days. Late November, December, January, February through early March is the season of the north winds and may not be so ideal for kayaking, although calm sunny days are common approximately 50% of the time. Late May through early October is extremely hot. Storms can hit the Baja at any time of year and kayakers should be prepared for strong winds and heavy rains at any time.

Approximate Temperatures by Month (in F degrees)

Month Water Air
(lows & highs)
OCT 80 80-95
NOV 75 70-80
DEC 65 60-80
(possible strong winds)
JAN 60 60-80
(possible strong winds)
FEB 60 65-85
(possible strong winds)
MAR 65 70-85
APR 68 75-90
MAY 70 80-95
SUMMER 85 100-120

Reserving Kayaks and Cancellation Policy

To reserve kayaks, please fill out our secure online kayak rental form. We offer a 10% discount for rentals between May 1 and September 30. An open credit card voucher is required to cover any loss or damage to the equipment. When paying in La Paz with VISA or MasterCard, there is a 5% surcharge. We accept cash in US dollars or Mexican pesos.

If you cancel one week or less before your reservation, there’s a 50% cancellation fee unless we are able to rent your kayaks to another party. Once paid in La Paz, there are no refunds for earlier than scheduled termination of your trip.

If you require a shuttle to the island please include dates and number of people. Please be aware that if the wind blows, shuttles may have to be rescheduled, canceled or require an additional skiff to transport gear and people to the island safely. Due to safety concerns, for the windy months of Dec, Jan and Feb, we only offer skiff shuttles to Espiritu Santo Island, no shuttles to Tecolote.