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We offer Baja sea kayaking excursions to remote islands and beaches in the Sea of Cortez including the National Parks near La Paz and Loreto and Baja whale watching trips in Magdalena Bay, Southern Baja California, Mexico.


Creating active trips with unique wildlife encounters

Our focus is creating active trips using sea kayaks and snorkel gear to enjoy unique wildlife encounters and learn about the rich natural and cultural history of Baja and the Sea of Cortez while enjoying delicious regional foods in a guided tour format. A locally operated sea kayak and whale watching eco-tour outfitter since 1993, Mar Y Aventuras operates sea kayaking, paddling and whale watching trips with the utmost respect for the local culture, flora and fauna. Take a look at some of our featured tours below to find the perfect Baja trip for you!



Popular Tours

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Coast to Coast Wellness (12 days)

combining the most comprehensive trip we offer with wellness activities including yoga, meditation and massage
4-14 People

Best of Baja (9 days)

Activities: Sea kayaking, snorkeling (including with friendly sea lions and whale sharks, weather permitting), whale watching, hiking and fishing Duration: 9
4-18 People

Baja Wildlife Extravaganza (11 days)

Activities: Sea kayaking, snorkeling (including with whale sharks, weather permitting, and friendly sea lions), whale watching, turtle release, hiking and
4-18 People

Special Offers

Special Offer Select Dates!

Whales & Desert Trails (9 days)

Activities: Whale watching, kayaking in mangrove estuaries, bird watching, hiking, farm to table cuisine, artisan cheese and wine tasting. Duration: 9 days,
4-16 People
Special Offer Select Dates!

From Sea to Sierra (8 days)

Activities: Sea kayaking, snorkeling (including with sea lions and whale sharks, weather permitting), hiking, fishing, turtle release, birding, cheese and
4-16 People


  • "The wildlife viewing was everything that was promised! Seriously, a great vacation; I can't recommend it enough.”

    Catherine F

  • "Once in a lifetime camping & kayak trip to Espiritu Santos. Cannot recommend this company enough. Great guides & boat captain! Delicious & fresh meals!”

    Patty D

  • "The trip exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high”

    Dan S.