For traveling to Baja and while in town

  • Current passport
  • Credit cards (Visa, Master Card and occasionally American Express are accepted by most larger restaurants and shops but not by the smaller ones.)
  • Cash

The amount of cash you bring is subject to how much you plan to spend shopping, on meals, and services in town and for tipping. Travelers checks are NOT recommended as they are difficult to cash. We recommend bringing a minimum of at least $300 cash. Please keep in mind you might want to bring twice that much if you are on a kayak trip and plan to generously tip your guides as well as spend money on equipment rentals at our office, meals, drinks and souvenirs in town. ATM’s are available but can be unreliable. Many shops and restaurants accept US dollars but this can vary depending on where you are. Once in La Paz or Loreto you may want some pesos for purchases around town. You can change your dollars into pesos at the airport, banks (closed on weekends and holidays) or possibly a store (you pay in US dollars and receive change in pesos). Please note, no more than $300/US can be changed into pesos per month at the banks.

You may also want to bring some nice clothes you can leave behind in a bag in our storage room while on your trip that you can wear upon returning to town. For cooler months (Dec-Feb) we suggest long pants and long-sleeved shirts. During the warmer months (Oct, Nov, March-May) we recommend shorts and short-sleeved shirts or casual skirts or dresses for women.


Many people ask, “should I tip the guides and how much?” Tipping is voluntary and any amount you leave is greatly appreciated! If you would like to leave your guides a generous tip showing appreciation for an excellent job, 10% of the trip cost is standard in the adventure travel industry. Gratuities are pooled and distributed among your trip guides and staff evenly. If you do choose to leave a tip, please leave cash in pesos or US dollars. No travelers checks, personal checks or credit cards can be accepted.

Suggested Packing List

Pack light! We prefer NOT to overload our boats with lots of excess baggage. For example bring a small to mid-sized duffle (approximately 14x14x24inches or 35x35x60cm) for clothing and personal items. If bringing your own sleeping gear bring another duffle of similar size for your sleeping bag, pad and pillow OR you can combine them into one larger duffle approximately 18x18x35inches or 45x45x90cm. Plus you will want to bring a day-pack for extra clothing, water bottle, sunscreen and camera to have with you daily. Snorkel gear and a wetsuit is yet another bag you may have while on the trip.

Personal Gear for Rent

Sleeping bags, pads and snorkeling gear may be rented in Baja. Costs per trip are:

  • Sleeping bag with pad $20
  • Sleeping bag or pad separately $15
  • Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel and fins) $15
  • Mask, snorkel or fins separately $10
  • Wetsuit $15

Note: Wetsuits are highly recommended for trips in late November through May. The wetsuits we rent are 3mm thick, long-sleeved, with short pants and a zipper up the front. If you tend to get cold easily, we recommend you bring a thicker and/or long sleeved wetsuit during December, January and February. There is no snorkeling on our Magdalena Bay whale watching trips and sleeping cots with pads are provided at this camp. Therefore the only item necessary for you to bring or rent on these trips is a sleeping bag.

Cots, pads and pillows are provided at our luxury base camps at Magdalena Bay and on Espiritu Santo Island on our Quick Getaway whale watching and sea kayaking trips in the months of late Dec, Jan, Feb through the first week of March.

Payment for rentals will be collected in Baja prior to your trip departure in cash.

Important Note for Baja Coast Trips: Since the Baja Coast trip originates in Loreto, the PFDs and rental gear must be brought up from our La Paz office. Therefore, you must provide your accurate size on the trip application form so we can assure a good fit for your PFD and wetsuit and snorkel gear if you requested them.

For all trips originating in La Paz, we will fit you with your rental gear the morning of your trip departure here at our office.

Fishing Information

We offer fishing as a side activity on our Sea of Cortez trips only, not on our Magdalena Bay whale watching trips. If you want to fish, please come prepared with your own lures. Medium to small, minnow-type, sinking lures are suggested such as a Rebel jointed Fastrac or mid size Rapala Magnums (4.5 to 5 inches or 9-12cm in length). Suggested colors include: blue/silver, black/silver, black/gold, green mackerel/gold or blue mackerel/silver.


We supply the rod and reel. Fishing on our kayak trips is done by trolling behind a motorized skiff (two rods at a time) from one to two hours before breakfast on certain mornings or from your kayak.


Fishing permits are required for anyone 13 or older who plans to fish during our kayak trips. This includes fishing from either our motorized skiff or your kayak.

Look for our summer fishing packages, combining hotel and daily excursions for fly, trolling or spear fishing.

You can now obtain your fishing permit at this website.

Please note:

  • Prices on the first page are in US dollars. When you get to the Bancomer payment page, prices will be in pesos.
  • After your payment goes through, you MUST PRINT the PDF called “Link License”.
  • You will be emailed a payment confirmation. This is not the same as the license.


Mexico has strict laws regarding the possession of illegal drugs. Please be sure NOT to bring any illegal drugs.