About Sea & Adventures

Mar Y Aventuras is Spanish for Sea and Adventures. We are an outdoor adventure travel company specializing in sea kayaking and whale watching expeditions from La Paz and Loreto, Baja California Sur. Sea & Adventures, Inc. and Mar Y Aventuras, S.A. de C.V. are sister companies operating jointly to provide our guests with the best service possible. As well we have our own on-site hotel, The Posada LunaSol. We can provide our guests with fine accommodations and the consistency and ease of “one stop shopping” when booking their vacation to Baja. This is a unique service you won’t find with any other kayak outfitter in La Paz.

Ricardo Amador and Mary Harter established Sea & Adventures and Mar Y Aventuras in 1993 after many years of guiding adventures throughout Baja. Their passion is to share the beauty and magic of the Baja landscape, wildlife and people with a strong focus on education and preserving this unique and special place they call home. As a team with combined guiding experience of more than 40 years, they gained the experience necessary to provide their guests with the highest quality of service for the ultimate Baja experience. They’ve accomplished this by choosing and training knowledgeable and professional local guides who love sharing their uniquely passionate insight into Baja’s extraordinary cultural and natural history. You can meet our collective of esteemed guides below.

Montana Staff – Sea & Adventures Inc.

Mary Harter

Owner, operator of Sea & Adventures and wildlife biologist

Mary came to Baja in 1983 working as a naturalist on gray whale watching trips in Magdalena Bay. She then guided scuba diving, sea kayaking and whale watching trips in Baja for many years to follow. She holds a BS in wildlife biology and possesses a deep knowledge and strong passion for Baja’s abundant wildlife. Mary now manages public relations and marketing of our Baja trips. She lives between two of her favorite places, the Rocky Mountains of Montana and beautiful La Paz on the Sea of Cortez.

Our Montana based Sea & Adventures office provides pre-trip information to answer all your questions and prepare you for your Baja adventure. Once in Baja our Mexican based office in La Paz provides all the logistical support to take you on your sea kayaking or whale watching adventure of a lifetime.

Heather Bolton

Heather is available by phone or email at her home office in Bozeman, Montana to answer pre-trip questions and help with your travel planning to Baja. A lover of wild places, Heather holds a special place in her heart for Baja where she has traveled for many years. Having studied aquatic biology and environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara and guided river trips in Utah for 6 years, her love of the outdoors is a perfect fit for Sea & Adventures. Her passions include traveling, stand-up paddle boarding, river trips, hiking and building furniture. Heather is excited to be part of a team that combines her love of the ocean and marine life with adventure travel in Baja!

La Paz Staff – Mar Y Aventuras – Head Guides

Miguel Angel Martinez

A La Paz native, Miguel began working sea kayaking trips in the mid 1980’s. He worked as a crew member driving skiffs, cooking and running sea kayak camps in the Sea of Cortez for over 10 years until he changed jobs and began working for an airline. Here he learned English then returned to working kayak trips, this time as a head guide. Since his return to kayaking trips he has completed an ACA coastal sea kayaking course and was certified as a wilderness first responder. He is our first crew member ever to become a head guide. His love and passion for  what he calls his “home” of Espiritu Santo Island is infectious. Any trip shared with Miguel will leave you with a deep knowledge of the plants, animals and people that inhabited or currently inhabit this uniquely special place.

Román Cahero

Román was in his 20’s when he started working with us as a receptionist (with limited English he learned from Beatle songs) at our newly established hotel in the fall of 2001. Since then, Román has mastered the English language, studied marine biology at the University in La Paz, earned kayak master certifications from both the Irish and American Canoe Association, become a professional photographer and videographer, learned to play the guitar and dance salsa, completed Wilderness First Responder certification, and become an expert birder and naturalist of the highest caliber with his own guiding business!

Román has been working as a guide for Mar Y Aventuras since 2004 with a 4-year hiatus while living in Cuba guiding nature adventures. Upon return to his beloved Baja, he continues to run this business while still guiding part time for MYA. We are so proud of how he has matured into a passionate advocate of wild places!

Dellis Montuy Gómez

Meet Dellis, a marine biologist, teacher, guide and mother of two with a heart of gold. Dellis moved to La Paz to pursue a degree in marine biology at the University of Baja California Sur. She received her master’s in marine resources management in 2005. Since then, she has worked as a mother, aquaculture technician, teacher and day trip guide. Dellis’s love of nature and passion for recreating in the outdoors led her to transition into guiding longer, overnight expeditions with Mar Y Aventuras. Now that her kids are older, and with the assistance of her husband (also a marine biologist) in their care, Dellis has found great joy in combining her many talents of marine biology, teaching and resource management into one profession, expedition leader. You will be delighted to have this exuberant, passionate and knowledgeable marine biologist (not to mention awesome salsa dancer) accompany your trip in Baja.

Marco Aurelio Martinez de Escobar Martinez

Marco was born and raised in La Paz. Growing up on the shores of the Sea of Cortez and visiting the nearby islands. Since he was a young boy Marco developed a deep love and appreciation for the natural areas surrounding his home. In 2002 Marco began studying marine biology at the University in La Paz then changed to Alternative Tourism in 2006 because he had a strong desire to adapt his love of the outdoors into sustainable tourist development by combining culture, nature and conservation. Marco has completed several NOLS leadership courses and works part time for NOLS. He is a wilderness first responder and has a degree in Alternative Tourism. He came to work with Mar Y Aventuras in 2008 and loves to share the passion he has for his “backyard” (especially the night sky) with people from different cultures. Marco’s sense of humor and love for Baja will surely enhance your experience with us.

Alan Lizarraga

Alan came to La Paz in 2007 to study marine biology at the University of Baja California Sur, La Paz. He obtained his degree but continues studies there in alternative tourism while working with Mar Y Aventuras (MYA) gaining practical experience. Having grown up in Santa Cruz, with immigrant parents from Mexico, he worked at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium where he developed a profound love for the ocean and everything in it. This love drew him to La Paz and eventually to Mar Y Aventuras where we welcomed his passion and knowledge of marine biology and enthusiasm for recreating in the outdoors. You will find his radiant smile and good nature infectious as he shares his love and knowledge of the ocean. Alan worked hard to complete all the required certifications in first aid and Mexican guiding to join our staff.  While relatively new to MYA we plan to hang onto him as long as possible!

Jaime A. Duarte Rivero

Jaime has lived in La Paz since arriving here from Mexico City to study marine biology in 2007 for which he completed a BS degree in 2012. His love of nature and outdoor education led him to this beautiful wilderness he now calls home. When asked what he loves most about Baja he answered, “what’s NOT to love about Baja.” His strong passion for the ocean environment and the creatures that call it home is evident in his knowledge and insight into the ecology of this special place. Leading our trips gives Jaime the chance to be outdoors in his favorite element as much as possible. He has completed NOLS kayak, leadership and first aid courses as well as obtained all the necessary certifications required for guiding in Baja. Jaime’s dream in his role as an environmental educator is to “plant the seed of nature loving” in every person that visits us. We can’t think of a better goal….You go Jaime!

Carlos Gajon Bermudez

Carlos is one of the most charismatic, professional and knowledgeable guides you’ll ever meet. A La Paz native who grew up fishing with his grandfather on the Sea of Cortez, Carlos began guiding sea kayak trips in Baja in 1998. An avid surfer Carlos was a natural in a kayak and became an ACA certified sea kayak instructor and wilderness first responder soon after assisting on kayak trips. At one time a student of international law at the University of Baja California Sur in La Paz, Carlos realized he just couldn’t imagine a life behind a desk. He left his studies and it’s obvious he’s in his element now when guiding a trip on the water. A talented photographer, Carlos’s joyful charisma and enthusiasm for adventure travel in his favorite playground of Baja are a joy to experience on any trip!

Fátima Romero Urías

Having grown up in La Paz, Fátima is a true local of the area. She grew up fishing with her family and recreating in and around the Sea of Cortez, Espiritu Santo Island and surrounding areas. Her love of the ocean and all its creatures shows in her exuberance to share it with our guests. Fátima studied alternative tourism at the University of Baja California Sur in La Paz where students are taught all types of outdoor recreational activities and how to share and teach them to tourists. She has worked as a day trip guide taking folks snorkeling with whale sharks and to Espiritu Santo Island since graduation in 2016. When there is something extraordinary to see underwater Fatima will do everything within her power to share it with you! We know her as la sirena, a true mermaid…

Alejandra De La Cerda Camargo

Ale became very proficient in English having grown up in Chihuahua, on the border of the US and Mexico, with a mother who was an English teacher. She moved to La Paz in 2015 to study alternative tourism where she earned her degree.  With a strong passion for ocean swimming, spirited personality, and love of people from all cultures, Ale was meant to become a naturalist guide. She’s been guiding eco-tourism tours all around southern Baja with various outdoor outfitters, boating companies, and research vessels since 2015. We were SO excited to add another local female guide of such high caliber to our Mar Y Aventuras team in 2022. We are sure you’ll enjoy Ale’s ever present smile and passion for sharing Baja’s natural places and all its creatures with visitors.

Crew – Mar Y Aventuras

Alberto “Jarocho” Tejeda Lile

Jarocho is originally from the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico and is now one of our top chefs. He made his way to La Paz working on yachts as a chef and began working for us in 1996. He has brought some mouth watering recipes to our tables, the most note worthy being his fresh fish Vera Cruz style from his home state.

Martin Amador Leon

Born and raised in Nopolo, on the roadless coast of Baja between Loreto and La Paz, Martin began working with Mar Y Aventuras in 1998 at just 18 years old. A bright young man he learned quickly the secrets of great tasting outdoor cooking and is now one of our head chefs.

Angel Leon Alvarez

Angel is a premier fisherman, born a few feet from the shores of the Sea of Cortez in the small fishing village of Nopolo opposite San Jose Island. From a family of 16 he began fishing as soon as he was big enough to accompany his father in the panga. Now a father of 4, Angel can handle a skiff and find the best fishing spots like no other.

 Luis Ángel Moreno Márquez

Angel grew up on a ranch in the center of Baja between La Paz and the Pacific Coast. He later moved to San Carlos and learned to be a fisherman on the shores of Magdalena Bay. We found him here and hired him to start working at our whale camp. With such a pleasant  demeanor and hard working ethic Angel has moved up the ranks to captain on our expeditions. He and his family have since moved to La Paz now working with us full time. His wife Joanna works as a cook in our hotel cafe kitchen and between expeditions you can find Angel helping out around the hotel and warehouse.

Jose Luis Lizarrage

Jose Luis was born in Mazatlán to a family of fisherman. He grew up fishing and learned to drive a boat at an early age. Years ago he moved to La Paz where he began working in tourism as a captain for scuba diving trips. He learned a great deal about the Sea of Cortez during this time. In 2011 Jose Luis joined the Mar Y Aventuras team. His friendly nature and knowledge of boats and the ocean as well as his ability to fix just about anything with nothing make him a great asset to any trip.

Aide Bexabel Martinez Gonzalez

Aide grew up on the shores of Magdalena Bay in San Carlos, Baja California Sur. Her family of fishermen exposed her to an abundance of fresh seafood recipes and cooking. At an early age she began working in restaurants in San Carlos preparing and cooking many types of dishes using locally sourced, fresh seafood along with many traditional Mexican foods. She began assisting with meal preparation on trips with us in 2019. We are now very proud to have her as our first woman cook on our team at whale watching camp in Magdalena Bay!

 Victor Manuel Bojorquez Vargas

Manuel “Manolo” grew up on the shores of Magdalena Bay in San Carlos on the Pacific Ocean. He spent most of his life driving a boat for commercial fishing and shrimping with his family in the bay. When whale watching became popular in the 1990’s Manolo began taking visitors out in small skiffs called pangas for up close encounters with the gray whales of Magdalena Bay. In 2000 he joined our staff and began working as a captain for our whale watching excursions from camp. A conscientious boat operator with a contagious smile we are proud to have Manolo on our team as a professional and experienced boat captain.

Office/Warehouse/Hotel – Mar Y Aventuras and Posada LunaSol

Ricardo Amador

Owner, operator of Mar Y Aventuras S.A. de C.V.

Ricardo has been fishing and boating on Baja waters since the age of 8. He began working expeditions in Baja in 1979 and has been guiding sea kayaking, bicycling and whale watching trips since 1986. Ricardo is the master of trip logistics and the one behind the scenes who makes sure everything is running smoothly. He speaks excellent English; having worked river rafting trips in Idaho and Costa Rica during the late 80s early 90s. He’s often seen busily moving around the office and warehouse, assuring that the food, guides, crew and equipment are all going to the right places at the right times.

Abraham Polanco Ortiz

We are thrilled with Abraham’s return to the helm of the Mar Y Aventuras office team! Having worked for us in this same position 20 years ago he understands well the Mar Y Aventuras commitment to expert client services. Abraham came to La Paz from Mexico City in 1991 to study marine biology. His studies included research on sea lions and the endangered vaquita (small endemic porpoise in the northern Gulf of California). With a degree in marine biology he began working as a guide for Mar y Aventuras in 1996 on sea kayaking and gray whale expeditions. In 1999 he changed positions and became our client services manager. Abraham later left Mar Y Aventuras to pursue running his own company and now continues to operate an environmental consulting business in conjunction with his client services position at Mar Y Aventuras. Abraham’s expertise, friendly demeanor, and organizational skills are the perfect fit for this position on the Mar Y Aventuras team in La Paz!

Patricia Ivonne Zapata Galindo

Born in Mexico City, raised in Jalisco and having studied at the University in La Paz, Patricia joins the Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras team with a great deal of knowledge and expertise. After living and studying at the University in La Paz for 20 years she moved to Loreto and took her first job in hotel reception. She immediately enjoyed working with tourists, going the extra mile to help them create a wonderful vacation came easy to her. She enjoyed 8 years of working in the hotel business in Loreto before returning to La Paz. She’s spent the last couple years studying subjects she’s passionate about like psychology and alternative medicine while keeping fit and practicing yoga. We welcome Patricia with her organized and helpful manner as our evening receptionist at our hotel, Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras.

Miguel Martin Abaroa Hirales

Miguel “Mikey” is an integral part of our permanent warehouse staff. Mikey has been with Mar Y Aventuras since our first year in business in 1993. Mikey is a certified and licensed chauffeur and jack of all trades from fixing leaky faucets to loading kayaks and driving clients to various destinations.