Conservation and the Baja Sea Kayak Association

As a founding member of the Baja sea kayak association in June of 1997 we have taken an active role in working closely with the government agency of SEMARNAP, Island Conservation groups, Immigration and other Baja outfitters in developing a positive and mutually beneficial working relationship between the industry of eco-tourism, conservation agencies and the Mexican government. As well, Mar Y Aventuras and the Baja sea kayak association are highly motivated in contributing to the economic prosperity of Baja residents by providing employment opportunities and general support to the communities in the areas in which we work.

Government Permits

The Mexican government and natural resource departments require and issue permits for operating commercial trips in Baja. In recent years with the increase of adventure tourism in Baja, the government has required companies requesting permits to meet certain criteria in order to operate legally in Mexico. Some criteria required by the government are:

  • A physical address in Mexico (registered with the Mexican government for tax purposes)
  • Working papers for non-Mexican employees
  • Specific safety standards
  • Contributions to local conservation efforts
  • Low impact camping etiquette
  • Educational components within your expeditions

Mar Y Aventuras is proud to be one of the companies that meets these requirements and receives the proper permits year after year to operate legally in Baja.