"The number one key to a great adventure is great people. And, Mar y Aventuras has the best. From Roman & Carlos, two of the most genuine, sincere, experienced, capable and nicest people you will ever meet, to Ricardo and his talented staff. If you look up "Bucket List Trip" in the dictionary, you will find: "Kayak the Sea of Cortez with Mar y Aventuras" !! I've had the great fortune of traveling all over the world, and I can honestly say that my adventures with Mar y Aventuras are indelibly imprinted on my mind as the best experiences of my life! On all of my trips with them, and there have been many!, I cannot remember a single time where I was not "wowed" by the enthusiasm of the crew, staff, guides & management. Do yourself a favor and experience the life enriching experience of the Mar y Aventuras Team and the beauty and majesty of the Sea of Cortez! Your company is top-notch. Good Work!"
-Anonymous, Trip Advisor Review

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Fall 2015 Specials:

Espiritu Santo Circumnavigation
ONLY $995

  • Oct 10-17
  • Nov 29-Dec 6

Island Hopping
ONLY $1,250

  • Oct 17-25

Book a group of 4 or more and receive another 10% off on any of the fall trips above!

Spring 2016 special early bird discount!

Book any trip in April or May of 2016 by July 1st and receive a 20% discount on your final payment.

Mar Y Aventuras is Spanish for Sea and Adventures. We offer Baja sea kayaking excursions to remote islands and beaches in the Sea of Cortez including the National Parks near La Paz and Loreto and Baja whale watching trips in Magdalena Bay, Southern Baja California, Mexico.

Our focus is creating active trips using sea kayaks and snorkel gear to enjoy unique wildlife encounters and learn about the rich natural and cultural history of Baja and the Sea of Cortez while enjoying delicious regional food in a guided tour format. A locally operated sea kayak and whale watching eco-tour outfitter since 1993, Mar Y Aventuras operates sea kayaking, paddling and whale watching trips with the utmost respect for the local culture, flora and fauna.

The guides, crew and staff of Mar Y Aventuras are from Mexico. Most grew up in Baja, recreating in their backyard known as the Sea of Cortez. Traveling through Baja with us means going with the locals and sometimes receiving fresh fish or warm tortillas along the way from the many friends and relatives of our staff. Baja and the Sea of Cortez are our specialty; we don't operate trips anywhere else in the world. We know Baja best--its people, waters, landscapes, weather and wildlife.

The nationally protected island of Espiritu Santo just north of La Paz was noted by the USA Today as one of the 50 places in the world you must visit in your lifetime. The waters around Espiritu Santo Island are ideal for kayaking and feature unique wildlife encounters such as snorkeling with friendly sea lions at Los Islotes and the gentle, graceful whale sharks of El Mogote. We have been enchanting guests with the stunning beauty and extraordinary wildlife of Espiritu Santo Island and its surrounding waters for over 30 years.

Our expeditions along the remote coast and islands between La Paz and Loreto, including the Loreto Bay National Marine Park (a world heritage UNESCO site), have been highlighted as the "ultimate Baja California kayaking safari" by National Geographic Adventure magazine.

For the ultimate Baja whale watching experience, don't miss the gray whale migration to Magdalena Bay. National Geographic Traveler magazine notes us as the outfitter to join for a unique friendly gray whale experience. During late January through early March you can combine a Baja Whale Watching trip in Magdalena Bay and Baja Sea Kayaking trip to Espiritu Santo Island and stay at our lovely La Paz Inn, for 3 nights for a unique way to experience both coasts of Baja in 10 days.

Sea & Adventures, Inc. and Mar Y Aventuras, S.A. de C.V. are sister companies operating jointly to provide you with the best vacation service possible. Our Montana-based Sea & Adventures office provides pre-trip information with a toll-free number in the U.S. to answer all your questions and prepare you for your Baja adventure. Once in Baja, our local outfitter and hotel staff will provide all the logistical support you need to experience the sea kayaking or whale watching adventure of a lifetime.

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